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SendGrid Warning for Newbies

+1. It doesn’t work for my GSuite address either.

I had sender authentication setup and it didn’t help either.

Hi Christophe,

I cannot get through the Airdev Starter template’s email settings.
I would really appreciate the offer you’ve made to provide the way to do.
Here are my screenshot if that may help (plugin and error popup) :


Thanks a lot for your help

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Hi François,

The Sendgrid setup, in this template, must be completed with your own SendgridbAPI private key. In your first screenshot, you have to replace the “MyPrivateSecretKey” by your own private key. You have to register to sendgrid, than get your private key and set it in the Api connector for all Sendgrid API calls.

Here is the link on the Airdev Canvas documentation, relative to the Sendgrid setup :

Do not hesitate to refer to this documentation for the emails and any other part of the template, it really helps. I also tried to customize the template without this documentation, but honestly, this doc is a life saver :slight_smile:

Hi Christophe
Thanks for your answer (you’ve been really fast ! :+1:).
I have gone through the all documentation, and to be honnest it is amazingly easy to understand except this part :thinking:

The Sendgrid part is OK. My private key is set up acccording to the documentation (it seems to me at least).
I keep getting 401 error.
Any clue ?

I am not at-home for the Xmas break, and I’ve made the promise to my wife to not bring my laptop with me :grin:, so I can’t provide lot of help if it becomes technical, but…

  • have you added the Bearer keyword along with your private key?
  • have you verified a sender on Sendgrid side? If you have, have you set this verified sender email in your database? (in the template’s admin backoffice, you can set this verified email in the email section). Sender(s) must be configured / verified on Sendgrid side before being able to send email using Sendgrid from your app

The pop-up 's error message you provided before is about the Sendgrid sender verification API call. So if you haven’t set a verified email address, that can be the reason of the error you keep getting.

Our wives get to be honored first ! :innocent:
Everything seems to be OK in Sendgrid.
I’ve just realized the Canvas uses backend API, my app is still on a hobby plan. Do you think it could be the reason why ot doesn’t work ?
I have no other idea (Bearer is OK, Sengrid as well via domain validation and sender).
Once again, thanks a lot for your help

I guess that’s the root cause of the issue, yes. The email mechanic in this template is based on API Workflow, not available in the Hobby plan.

To validé the emails, now or later, subscribe to the personnal plan, validate, then unsubscribe till your app is still under development.

Thanks for your time and help.
Wish you the best for your Xmas break

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I’ve just managed to go through it ! :ok_hand:
The keys just need to be set up in the upper part (my key is empty for obvious reasons)

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OK, so an Happy end before Xmas, great! :smile:

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What’s Up - Is this statement still holding for you?

God. This is a for real problem.

Hey all,

You may or may not have seen my post about email in general, but I thought I’d drop it in here, just in case it is of any help to you.

This thread and a few others prompted me to write it.
Some have eluded to the steps involved in fixing issues like this and I’m basically expanding on their points to explain the pain points of email and the steps you should be taking no matter if you have issues or not.
I hope it’s helpful :wink:


Thanks for creating this plugin. Makes sending emails much easier with Bubble and Postmark.

I created this video which showcases the plugin

Ooh great! Will definitely check it out! :smile: :smile: :smile:

I set up sender authentication as well and no dice. All I’m trying to do is have the user verify their email address. Bubble’s transition to sendgrid when going live is TERRIBLE! A disaster at launch. There should be a warning label on it.

Thanks for sharing. This would save us time by considering Postmark, instead of SendGrid