Sending array of numbers through recursive workflow

I’m trying to send an array of numbers through a few recursive workflows but at some point it seems to only see it as a single number.

Send list of array of numbers to workflow (successfully detected)

Send to Second workflow (recursive)

Send to third workflow (recursive) - it is here I have the issue.

Items detected as an array of numbers:

Send to second workflow:

How the second workflow detects it (it is a list / array of lists/arrays)

When I attempt to send the a single list/array to the third recursive workflow it doesn’t seem to identify it as a list:

item#xxx is one single element
in the WF add_products_to_image the “products_shopify” should not be a list

What I’m sending to csv_upload_image: [[1,2,3,4], [5,6,7,8]]

What I’m trying to send to add_products_to_image: [1,2,3,4].

Are you saying i need to to treat [1,2,3,4] as a single entity and not a list?

Think i got the solution.

  1. had to Split by (,) which converts the number to text.

  1. converted to number again in the next workflow:
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