Sending data (auto populate) from repeating group to a form on another page

So I have two pages. Page 1 is the list of vehicle assigned to each employee. On this page is a repeating group showing those vehicle’s Tag, Make, Model, Color, Year . All that works great. I then have a button on the right side of each row of the repeating group that the employee can click to complete an Auto Log.

When they click the Auto Log button I want it to redirect them to page 2 with fields (Tag, Make, Model, Color, Year) auto populated with the row data from the previous page’s repeating group. They will then update the rest of the form with Current Mileage, Last Oil Change Date, Any Repairs. They fill that out and submit it (I havent even gotten this far yet).

My confusion is is Page 2 grabbing the data from Page 1 or is Page 2 grabbing the data from the Vehicles Table in my database and it must somehow know which row I am clicking the button on? I know this has something to do with parameters. I have seen a few videos that are close to what I am wanting but nothing that works with repeating groups and forms. Any help is appreciated and especially with videos. I have tried this guys video twice and it still is not brining the data over and I am not even sure he is sending it to a form. I know I am missing something

When a button is clicked
In workflows
Go to page 2,send additional parameters(look down for more options)
parameter 1= Current cells value 1
parameter 2= Current cells value 2
parameter 3= Current cells value 3