Sending data between repeatable groups

HI there,

I am building a single page app with multiple resuable groups that display individually whenever the menu item for that “page” or reusable group is selected. One of these is for “teams”. A user in the app can create multiple teams and enter/update data for that team.

So a user would navigate by first selecting the team they want to pull up (one reusable group A)…say a home page where this occurs. Then once they select the group they want to update information on from a dropdown select button the user is navigated to another “reusable group”/“page” that displays that Team’s information.

I’d like to always show at the top of any view or page the team that was selected whenever the selection is made on the dropdown menu on the home or starting page.

So in essence, I want to send data (the name of the Team selected) from resuable group A to a textbox within resuable group B. Moreover, I’d like any data I update on reusable group B to always and only update for the selected Team (from the initial repeatable group (A)).

Does this make sense?

Hi there, @newcoder… if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like you can do everything you are trying to do by using a custom state that has its state type set to your team data type. Then, when a team is selected on the home page, set the custom state to that team, and use the custom state to drive everything else. There would be no need to send data from group A to group B because you could set group B’s data source to the custom state, and you would have access to the selected team’s data in that group.

Hope this helps.