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Sending Data Between Two Bubble Sites

Hey Everyone,

New to Bubble, let me start by saying AWESOME platform!!

I have an idea for a site / business but would need two bubble sites to be able to transfer data between, is this possible?
More details you ask for? Sure…
So, think of a membership site. Someone can sign up and they have a profile on that site (easy), but what if you wanted the profile to be on a second site… So person signs on bubble site A ( and then in the creation of their profile and account, this is all set-up by bubble automation site B ( So in essence the ‘b’ site would be stand along, but profile image uploaded in sign up on site ‘a’ is placed in the place holder or image area on profile page on site ‘b’…

Possible? Easy?



Did you try to use the Bubble App Connector plugin?

It should help you do that between 2 bubble apps

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cheers @AliFarahat. I shall look into this app

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