Sending Data From An Authenticated Facebook User to an External API (Though the API Connector)

Hello all! I wanted to post this after using the information @NigelG provided for authenticating users with the API connector (super helpful).

The issue I’m having is that I authenticate a user through Facebook, and get their approval to access to their feed, page_likes, and some other information - great, that’s what I need. However, I need to POST this information to an external API ( This uses the persons Facebook data to crunch out an analysis, so it needs to authenticate the user before it will do this.

Since I have already authenticated them, how do I pass that information through?

From the API Documentation:
“To authenticate with the service one needs to pass customer_id and api_key obtained during registration and obtain a valid auth token.”

Happy to provide more information if it helps. Thanks!

Hi there,

Did you get anywhere with this ?

Hey @NigelG , I have not - I’ve left it where it is and started working on other areas in my application.

Any ideas on how to get the ball rolling?