Sending data from one user to another

Hey guys, is possible for a user to send data to another user?

I have an inquiry form that students need to fill and submit. Once it has been submitted, I wish for only the specified teacher to receive it. At the moment all users are receiving this inquiry.

On your data type for inquiry you should put a field of type User, maybe call it ‘receiver’ and have the user who creates the inquiry select which user should receive it.

You could also make the field a list and allow it to be a list of users so more than one user could be the receiver.

I have created a the field type receiver. I only want the specified receiver to receive the inquiry.
The my inquiry form is connected to the data type Forms; however, i am only able to see the list of receivers if i make it use the data type User

Now that you have a Coordinator field of type User in the table, you can create a rg for the Teacher and filter for records where the Coordinator field’s user is current user