Sending data with a Reusable element

I have an app that is a single index page and I’m using states to show / hide groups and data.

I have a notifications section in my app, and when a user hovers over a cell in the repeating group, a “more” button appears. This button is a reusable element that activates a focus group with options.

The workflow to “View shared Credential” is creating an error for me. I want it to go to my index page and send the data "Parent group’s-Notification’s-Shared Cred.
The warning wants me to change the index page’s content type, which is something I don’t want to do.

Is there any way to get around this?

Maybe it is an option to send " Parent group’s-Notification’s-Shared Cred." as another page parameter (like the state you are already sending) instead of using “Data to send”?

You can send the unique ID and on the page index3 do a search by unique id to get the right record/thing.


Thanks @gerbertdelangen, that did the trick.

For anyone else stuck with a similar issue, here’s what I did.

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