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Sending E-Mails with Mailerlite in Bubble

Hi everyone,
Does someone know how I can send E-Mails with Mailerlite in Bubble?

I installed the plugin from Biberei, but I couldn’t find the workflow listed in the available actions (see below).

I guess it might work with APIs but I am wondering whether there is any documentation?

Thanks in advance for your support!

Yes you would need to log-in in mailerlite directly and send it from there.

Just to add - here is the official API documentation which I used building this plug-in.

I’ve chosen the best ones (in my opinion).

Hi @Sarah_Biberei ,

Thanks for the quick answer and resources! :slight_smile:
So if I understand you correctly, it wouldn’t be possible to send the e-mail directly from Bubble?

What we want to achieve is that for example, when a customer submits a request, he/she should receive a confirmation email but this should be automatically sent out from Bubble.

We are currently using Sendgrid for that but there are some limitations in terms of the analytics part which is why we were wondering whether we can switch to Mailerlite in Bubble.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


Hey Verena,

I’m not sure whether mailerlite is the right tool for you then. Mailerlite is for email marketing purpose. Meaning you can collect e-mails as subscribers, send newsletters, check how many participants haven opened the mail. That’s why the main functionalities in the API from mailerlite and within the plugin are exactly for that purpose.
Me personally I have only used it for newsletter and stuff like that.

Maybe you could squeeze it but it’s not the main purpose of the tool.

Edit: Maybe have a look here - Transactional Email Service: MailerSend - MailerLite

Hope that helps.