Sending email to multiple uses with Sendgird

I am trying to send a batch email to a number of users based on projects that they have created. I am unable to access the email’s by accessing the ‘created by’ then ‘each item’s email’ - it is returning empty. If I put in a single email it works perfectly.

Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 13.44.48
Can you please help? It seems like a bug.

You need commas for native email actions and some plugins:

Specify the email to send the email to. It can either be ‘Current user’s email’ or the content of an input. Send more than one email at once by defining a list of emails and using the ‘join’ property with a comma ‘,’. For example,,

source: Email - Bubble Docs

Andrej @
Have a project in mind? Feel free to reach out, no strings attached.

Hi Aniv,

That is exactly what I did, getting a list of emails. But there is an issue when I click ‘each item’s Creator’ and all the respective fields cannot be found. The email list is coming up empty, and no emails are being sent.

Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 08.40.41
Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 08.42.37

So I should say, the real issue is that I cannot find the creator information from the project, it is coming up empty.

Did you check the Privacy rules that your current user has access to read the Creator emails?

I’ve noticed with SendGrid in Bubble, if one parameter is off i.e. a missing quotation around a dynamic value or one email address is incorrect, the email fails silently. It’s really hard to debug failed email sends for this reason.

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