Sending Emails and Text-Messages: Bug or Improper Implementation?


I’m having an issue with sending a user both an email and a magic link via text message and have them receive both. I’m wondering if what I’m encountering is a bug or an improper implementation.

My client has expressed the need for redundancy in how their user’s are notified when using the app. Essentially when the user does a thing, they should recieve an email, a text, and eventually even a push notifcation about it, just in case one of them fails.

My solution was to build some API Workflows/Custom Events for each type of notification and string them together.

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The problem is that although each workflow/event will run and complete in the app’s logs, the user is only receiving one of the notifications, usually whichever one is first in the workflow order.

The Scenario
In the app’s backend workflows, I have an API Workflow for when a user completes a Stripe checkout session.

I’ve also built some custom events for “notification-email” and “notification-text”.

For notification-email it will create a temp password+send an email to the created user.

For notification-text it will send a magic link token to the user’s phone number via Twilio message.

I’ve included both of these custom events at the end of the stripe-checkout-session-complete API workflow.

In the logs I can see everything works, but the user only receives one of the notifications. When I remove either the email one or the text message one, either or works, but they do not work when both present.

Can Bubble not send an email, a text, and a push notification to a user at the same time or am I doing something wrong?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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