Sending emails when a new review is posted

I am trying to build a review site where users can “follow” certain organizations and be notified when a new review is posted.

I am not looking for step by step instructions in a response, (although if someone wants to take a stab feel free) is there a resource that I can look to to guide me? So far I have not found anything in this forum or external forums.

When a user follows an organization they are added to a list of followers of that organization.

When a new review is created there should be a field in the database for which organization the review is for.

Then you need to create a workflow that runs every time a new review is posted that sends an email to the list of emails (followers) for the reviews organization.

Is this enough to get you started or do you need some more clarity?

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That is really helpful, thank you Ralph.

I got so far as the workflow, I cannot figure out how to properly set the list it should be set to.

Does that default email action even let you send to multiple people at once? Might need to switch this to a recursive workflow instead that emails one at a time. Would probably want a recursive setup anyways because even if it did multiple it would only do small lists of emails.

I agree with @tylerboodman

On the other hand, if you want more freedom to customize your emails and send to lots of people, it might serve you better if you go for services like sendgrid, sendinblue, etc

Bubble uses Sendgrid as it’s email client anyway, and you can send to a list of email addresses in the bcc field.

Of course this is not personalised, it’s the same email to everyone.

If you want it personalised then kick off a backend workflow which THEN schedules another workflow on a list (don’t do this in the front end).

As others have said, once you get to need a few hundred then it might be better to swap to a recursive workflow. But I would be tempted to stick with the ‘schedule on a list’ until you absolutely need it. It’s not too bad if you spread them out.

Thank you all.

It would not need to be personalized to the user in the copy just “X company you follow has a new review posted” and ideally a link to the specific review.

I have send grid set up so perhaps I should just go that route?