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Sending emails when data changes

Hi there

I am building an Order Management Tool where Orders progress orders through a number of production stages (Order Received, In Production, Delivery, etc).

I want to trigger an email to be sent whenever a particular Order (which is a thing in my app) moves into the ‘Delivery’ stage. There are a number of ways in which people can move Orders between production stages, including dragging and dropping the order on a Trello style board, changing it from the Order Details Page (a page which displays all the details of an order), or changing it from a mobile-optimized page that is accessed by scanning a QR code on the paper order form.

Is there a way to watch the database for particular changes (remember, I only want to send this email when Stage = Delivery) and then trigger a workflow when it meets that criteria? Or am I better off architecting this in a different way?

I’ve spent hours working on this and am stumped, so would love some help if you have any ideas.


I think you might want to consider using API workflows. You can create an API workflow, then when an event happens in your app, you can “schedule API workflow” for current date/time to make it run automatically. They’re really powerful, take a look at some of the tutorials or other threads about them!

Have you ever managed to resolve this, I am looking to do this same thing…? Thanks