Sending File with Multi/Form-Data API Connecter

Hi There,

Hoping someone can help me out with this final part of this API I have been working on. My last run I worked on it for days before coming here for help, only to find that once I posted my problem we had a solution within a few hours. Trying to prevent that this go round.

Trying to upload a file to get a GUID return for later use in the system. I am not quite understanding their documentation, but here it is in two parts - this plain text and what seems to be written out in a json body.
Plain text doc

json doc

Here is my current setup, and the error I am getting in two parts.


Any help is appreciated thanks!

I think “Data type” is for what Bubble will expect as the response, so right now its expecting a File when you probably want JSON or text

I thought I had tried changing it to json and got the same error. However, I just tried it and got the 200! Thanks so much! I didn’t realize that data type was the setting for the return, but that makes sense.

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It don’t make sense, it should be called “Expected response type” or something :rofl:

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True, but it makes sense as to why it wasn’t working. Also, I never understood why we had to choose a data type when that is usually things that are found in our request body, parameters, and headers, so now it makes sense as to what that setting is actually for.

Thanks for the help again!

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