Sending input value to a popup

I am trying to allow customers to enter a bid and have that amount show up in the checkout popup.

What am I doing wrong here?

You can have the text element in the popup just be the value of the input.

You can also set the popup type to number and then you’ll be able to set “data to display” to equal the input value. The text in the popup would then be “popup’s number” or “parent group’s number”

In the dynamic data field it is not showing the input box from the page beneath the popup?

I need the popup type set to product so it can reference what the user is buying (also includes shipping info).

For a temporary solution I have just created a field for the customer and when they place a bid it updates their bid amount field.

Hm, ok, I’d want to look and see why you’re not getting the input as an option.

You can also use a custom state if you don’t want to save to the customer and already have the popup set to a type. When input’s value is changed or when button to open popup is clicked > Set state on the popup element, number value = input. The text in the popup would then display the popup’s state.

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