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Sending input values from one page to another

Hey everyone,

So I’m building a sign up flow where people land on the index page and they are prompted to enter an email which takes them to the official sign up page.

From there, I want to make it so that the email field on the next page is the value of the input on the index page if that makes sense?

So the email that is entered on the index should be set as the input value when they are sent to the next sign up page.

How would we make this possible?


I’d use the “go to page workflow” and send the data you need as parameter values

Then on the receiving page, you can set your inputs to extract the parameter values and display them

Hi @jared.gibb

Can you explain the first part a little more? On the workflows of the index page, where can I send the email’s input field as a parameter value?


Try like below,

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Hey @mani2726

It worked and this is what I put in the input on the other page:

But I have 2 inputs where people can input their email (one top of page, other bottom of page).

Is it possible to have the input for the 2nd page receive parameters from one OR the other inputs from the first page?


Yes, You can.

Try to use custom state to set value in 1st page. And pass this custom state value to the another page.

Example :
if input email on top of page is not empty set value to the custom state, same things follow on the bottom of the page too.

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