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Sending messages and "orders" intranet


I’m working in a healthcare elderly care where our problem is that communication from departments with kitchen is done now via telephone or writing in order books and then sent to kitchen and via versa. What i am trying to achieve is that each department can send internal message and orders to kitchen, and that these orders get stored so the kitchen staff can analyze the usage for instance of number of eggs, oranges, apples etc.

This is going to be achieved by the help of ipads hanging in each department where staff can put in orders and even do a Spotify talk to kitchen. I tried to make a sketch of this, but i dont know if you understand what i mean :slight_smile:

The app page is list of groceries written in Norwegian, but its food that we normally have to order via telephone or writing books. I think its uneccesary, and it takes away the opportunity to store data that can be used to analyze use of food and maybe hinder waste in the future. The app i started making today, so its very early in progress.

We are a very small workplace, so the budget for technology is small to nothing at least for these kinds of things.

Btw this app is really easy to use, its been great so far instead of writing your own codes :slight_smile: I’m no programmer, just interested in technology and software.

You have to create database type as Department (1, 2, 3 … Kitchen) and link your users to this departments.

Do i do this inside the Bubble editor?

Thank you for helping me, and sorry for asking stupid questions.

Yes. On Data session you should create your database.

Thank you, i’ll try that later when i have free time.