Sending Multiple Data Points Previously Input to a Summary Page

Hi, brand new to bubble and I’ve been reading the forums, watching videos and they’ve been helpful however I have come across a specific issue that I cannot seem to solve.

Specifically here is what I am trying to achieve.

User logins and inputs prospect contact information on a page.
I am saving that data (inputs) as new things in the DB and have confirmed they are there.
On the next page, I have an additional series of inputs the user needs to complete.
I am saving this data as well. Have confirmed its working.
I am able to call data on the summary page from one (but not both) of the input pages. This is frustrating but seems like a simple solution.

Currently I am trying to pass the data from input page 1>input page 2>then pass “all” parameters to the summary page. However, only inputs from page 2 are showing for me on the summary page. I am also able to call the data from input page 1 on to input page 2 (will hide the elements later) so I can confirm I am passing the data correctly from input 1 to the next page, I just can’t get it all the way from input page 1 to the summary page. Ideas?

I am using the do a search for/last item method to call the most recent inputs in the DB.

Here are screenshots of the issue. I have showing the inputs I passed from the first input page successfully appearing on input page 2, then the referential calls I am making on the summary page. Finally, you’ll see only the inputs from page 2 appear on the summary instead of all.

Hi @josh37,

A video might be clearer as I’m a bit confused as to what you are trying to accomplish but I’ll attempt to share a solution.

1- make sure this is all on one page
2- Create different groups that are hidden or shown based on the steps
3- At the final step, simply reference all the inputs you selected. They are all on the same page so no worries on the database side about what’s where.

Another option, if you want to use multiple pages, is to set the page data type to the type you are trying to modify. If the data type is “Deal”, set each page to have the deal type and pass that same deal item to the following page when you click “next page”. This way on each next button click, it saves it to the current page’s deal.

Better yet, do it all on one page with the deal data type and use auto binding so it automatically saves on input :smiley:

Thanks! I actually solved it by matching data types by separating the two elements that need the data. Basically one is set up to receive “applicant info” and the other is set to receive “deal economics” which then allows me to send and pass the parameters effectively. It’s a bit of effort to learn the data structure and passing information but do a search for is a powerful expression! Excited to check out back-end workflows and API next.