Sending Multiple Data Types to a Page

I have 2 custom data types in my database - Specials and Restaurants, both related. I am sending the Specials data to a page from another page, on the Details page I have Current Page Special etc which works fine… I would like to access the Restaurant data on the same page. When I do Current Page Specials - Restaurants XXX the Restaurant data does not display. Restaurant needs to correspond to the Specials data on the page. Any suggestion on how to make this work?

Thanks in advance.

Send the restaurant details as a parameter when you go to the specials page…or make sure your database is setup properly for related types and access it through dynamic expressions.

If you set up things properly for the specials to be related to the restaurant, you can do current pages specials restaurant as a dynamic expression to get to the restaurants details

@boston85719 Thanks much for your response, here’s my database below. Also, how would I details as parameter?


These series of short videos by @TipLister could help:

Hope this helps! :+1:t2:

On your restaurant data type I would make the specials field a list of specials as it would be expected a restaurant can run more than one special at a time.

If you have already set things up properly so that on the page the content type is specials…then when you want to show the restaurant details just set up the dynamic expression

current pages specials restaurant

because from your database of the type special you have a restaurant as a related field, so you can using the dynamic expression above get access to all fields for the restaurant type and show those fields specific to the restaurant that the pages special is for

@boston85719 @cmarchan thank you so much for your help, I truly appreciate it. I was able to hack things around and got it to work. The way I structured my app is that restaurants can sign up initially with their restaurant info which creates a thing Restaurant, I did not want them to have to repeat that information when adding a special. So what I did was reworked the Specials database to have all the fields from the Restaurant, this way I can show the necessary fields on the page. My hack was to get the Restaurant fields pre-populated/Initial Content within a hidden Group in a Popup for adding Specials and create a Thing of Specials. There probably is a better way to go about this, for now it works.

Once again, thank you so much for all your help. I probably will run into another snag :slight_smile:

@boston85719 I tried your suggestion, but for reason it didn’t work which was frustrating.

That hack is something that will become very frustrating to consider when allowing a restaurant to change their restaurant data because you’d need to change it on the specials data type as well…the proper way would be to have a field that is labeled restaurant and make a type restaurant.

This way you can use a dynamic expression that is ‘current pages specials restaurants’ to get access to all of the restaurant data type fields.

And when you create a new special you just in the workflow dialogue for create new thing ‘special’ on the field labeled ‘restaurant’ would add current restaurant.

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