Sending null objects to page

Is there a way to make this not an error? I want to go to the page but send a null object.

I’m able to check for a null object, so it seems I should be able to send one, but I don’t see an obvious way

since I can check for a null object on destination page I should be able to send one.

do you absolutely need it to a null object? It seems like if it is to bring a user to an “edit” page, then you would want to send the audio clip they will be editing.

What is the use case for the null object necessity?

If you go to the page with null object (from the menu) it hides the editing box. If you go with an object it loads that object into the editing box.

I don’t need 2 pages i just need to be able to send null objects. We can detect them just fine. We should be able to not send an object or at least not be blocked when trying to do so. A page requiring an object will gladly accept no object, but when we try to go to that page with no object, it says its an error.


with object sent from the list below it (or from somewhere else in the app)

My first assumptions when something in bubble doesn’t work as I expect is that there must be another way to “force” bubble to do what I want.

In this case I think whatever conditional you have set on the editing box to hide or have the object loaded into the editing box can be changed easily…then I think that you may want to set it to get data from URL to see if the URL has the object in the URL…so when you link to that page, if you want to send a null object, just don’t send data to the URL, and if you want it to be loaded, send the object to the URL.

In the case that bubble for some reason doesn’t allow the null object to be sent to page ( I’ve experienced this before and it seems ridiculous ) I would maybe have some default object you can send just to satisfy the need.

yes i can defn work around it but i do think its ridiculous also.

its ‘wrong’ imho

agreed…but I tend to think that there always must be some reason why it is the way it is ( ie: causes some problem we are unaware of ).

It actually allows me to push to Live, so it actually is a warning not a ‘error’!

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