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Sending one RG entry to an input on another page

Hi there fellow Bubblers!

I just started to create my own app about a week ago and now I’m kinda stuck. So i came here to seek help.

My wish is to send a single RG result (from a search) to an input on another map. So basically you search for a product, the repeating group shows you the different vendors who sell it and you can click on your favorite vendor. After the click it redirects you to a page with a map and shows you the route to said vendor.
I figured out how to do the maps and how to implement the users current location, but somehow I’m not able to get the single vendor as a destination for the map.

I tried implementing another RG on the Map page and send the data to it but it only shows all vendors of the chosen product not the one i clicked on. Can someone help?

Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany.


Hi @jan_schnellert7 ,
have you tried URL params?
You could send the coordinates as a URL parameter, retrieve it from the URL on the page with the map and pass the value to map component.
Here’s a good resource for that