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Sending online banking payments from Bubble

Hello Everyone,

I am building an Airbnb type of app and I am now building the payout feature for hosts.

In my database I have created a thing called “payout”, with all the fields necessary like Bank name, IBAN etc.

Is there a way to send automatically those payments to a bank ? Like with an API connected to Revolut or something ? Automating with Zapier then a bank ? Any solutions with Stripe maybe ?

Currently the solution I have is exporting the payments as an xlsx file which is then converted to a pain.001 file that can be uploaded manually to the bank. But I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know it it works, plus it requires manual work everyday which is not ideal.

Any idea is appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you !


Can’t you just use Stripe connect for this? Or is that not an option for you?

Thanks for your reply, stripe connect is a good option but it adds too much friction to sign up a vendor. Whereas if the user can just input his IBAN in the bubble it’s way faster and easier

I’ve sent you a personal message.

Hi , I’m also looking for a good way to achieve this, thank you if you can provide some guidance.