Sending parameters vs show and hide

Hello guys,
I am building a single page app.
I am trying to make all buttons send parameters and I set my groups “pages” to show and hide depends on the url parameter .
Was wondering if ( Go to page > current page > send more parameters) is still works as loading another page as this would mean no purpose of single page app.
Specially if my app will be native one day.
Is go to page, current page is exactly as going to another page?
Thank you

Go to page still works, but you have to set conditionals for when you want your groups to show… You have to set a parameter and for the group you want to show, you have to set a conditional with that parameter you set earlier, thats how it works

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Yeah it all works fine.
But I mean as speed wise. You know if u choose single page app its usually because u want the user to move between pages very smoothly and if u go native the page will not need to reload as if u go from one page to another.
My question was is sending parameters has the same effect on the user experience as going to another page in multiple page apps.
Thank you :blush:

No it does not No it does not… when a user goes to another page, the page reloads, but when you’re using page parameters, it does not reload. it does not have the same effect

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Thank you, but to send parameters, do you have to use the action ( go to page) ? Or is there another way please.

Yes you have to use go to page

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