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Sending Reminders For Loan Repayment

Please can anyone Help me out in this situation
I am making a portal in which i want to send messages to customers about repayment of their loan amount

  1. means the current date and the customers whose loan starting date has 10 days so the we can automatically send messages to those customers whose loan starting date is always 10days ahead of the current date

Hey there @groovyblues90,

This can be accomplished with Scheduled Workflows!

i didnt get u at ll

I do this type of thing for the automatic rebilling of my subscribers for one of my SaaS businesses. Search the forum, and YouTube for the term Recurring Scheduled workflows. This will teach you how to set up automatic events that can do just about anything from the back end of your app.

For example, you can set up a workflow that runs once per day, and when it runs it checks whether a customer should receive an email notification based on criteria you can construct. It may check the rebilling date of the customer (which might exist as a field in your Customer Thing) and check the question “is the current date 10 days before this customer’s rebill date?” If YES then send email, if no, then skip to the next customer and repeat.

Hello this is Murtuza Kantawala Please Help me out i had tried hard with but not at all working
I want that there are many customers in my portal who had taken loan
so i want that particular customer loan date is example 22 July 2021 so on in next month ie 17th August a message notification should automatically send on that customer Mobile Number registered with me that on 22 August he had to pay the installment

Can any one help me out with some information or some video or screenshot for how to send reminders messages as per date ie if a customer loan is booked on 26 July 2021 so on 26 August system should automatically send msg to those customers whole loan was booked on 26th july and on 26 August they have to pay their emi so how to send that reminder msg

@groovyblues90 are you talking about email messages or text messages?