Sending requests between two user types

Hi everyone,
I just started using Bubble.

I’m working on an educational platform with 2 user types (student and teacher) where the ‘student’ chooses a topic and submits a request for a learning session. The ‘teacher’ is matched with the ‘student’ and is sent the student’s request. The ‘teacher’ can then accept or deny the request. I eventually want a Zoom meeting link to be generated when the teacher accepts the request, but I’m taking it one step at a time.

Any ideas as to how I’d go about this? Thank you!

The feature described needs an understanding of multiple areas of Bubble.

  1. Need to understand how to setup your database properly. In your scenario you will likely need a data type of Booking with a field of User for the teacher that accepts the request, and perhaps a field for the list of teachers offered the request.

  2. Need to understand how to CRUD around in Bubble. C = Create; R = Read; U = Update; D = Delete…these are the basic functions of how to work with data in Bubble. This is because to set the status of the booking you will need to Update the booking (in Bubble ‘make changes to thing’).

  3. Need to understand how to pass data between pages and/or groups. So that you can create the elements necessary to allow a teacher to view the request details and then accept/deny the request.

  4. Will need to understand workflows and backend workflows. This is so you can alert users to a request and acceptance or denial of the request.

  5. Need to understand APIs and the API connector (for the down the road Zoom connection)

Start making use of all the available learning resources out there. I’d start with the resources provided by Bubble, then as you start building and find yourself in need of instruction on certain aspects of what you are trying to do, you can likely find a youtube video, a forum post, tutorial or something that should at least have a basic concept you could apply to your specific use case.