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Sending rich text emails using the CoPilot SendGrid plugin

Hi folks,

Is there a way to send rich text in the body of SendGrid emails using @copilot’s plugin? I have set my plugin action up using substitution tags as shown here (first creating a new thing, then scheduling an API workflow on a list of users’ emails via a backend workflow):

However, emails are coming through with bbcode. This rich text…

… results in this email content:

(Ignore “Warm wishes, Climate Team Admin”, which I inputted in my SendGrid template.)

I have tried with both code and text elements at the SendGrid end, but the result is the same with both. I tried the @blurapps plugin to convert bbcode to html but this did not work. Do I need to pay for something like @gaurav’s Text Editor (bdk) plugin in order to accomplish this?

You should try a session with Salar from @copilot he’s a wiz and will be able to help you out.

Build and send via HTML

You can use the drag & drop builder or a rich text editor that outputs html and send through the plugins built in sendgrid,postmark, mailgun calls.