Sending Two Things to Database/List of things


This is probably a really simple, stupid question but I’m really confused. I’m trying to allow a business user to create a code and assign it a value.

But in my data base the code and the value are appearing in different rows.

In my workflow I have set up the one button to assign these two input values

I have set the fields up as list of things but I think I may have gotten this wrong.

Would the code and value be fields within the Company type? Also, any guidance on how I convert the code back to points for the user would be massively gratefully accepted.

Even if someone could point me to a tutorial or an example of something similar would be fantastic.

Thank you in advance.

You want to put the add code and value in the same step. Just click set another Field the add value or code(which ever one isn’t already in the step) this will put both on line within the AppData!

Did this answer what you needed? If not be more specific so i can attempt to help!

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1david2hot!!! Thank you so much, I was just starting to try that out and read your reply and it worked like a charm!!! My deepest gratitude as I was about to give up, ha ha. Your reply came at just the right moment.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply! Have a great day.