Sending user profiles to Segment

Hi all,

Does anyone have a best practice for identifying users in segment, across multiple devices such as phone vs. tablet? I’m trying to figure out how to prevent creation of multiple users (as viewed in Mixpanel.)

First attempt:
Include “identify a user” or “identify a user with traits” action in the sign up process, with the user’s email as the unique Segment ID. I assumed that when a person later logs in from a different device, segment will see that their email in login matches their unique ID. This didn’t work and now I understand why. I haven’t told Segment to read anything when the user logs in. In the end Segment created two different user profiles for this one user in Mixpanel.

Second attempt:
Include “identify a user” or “identify a user with traits” in sign up process AND include “identify a user” in log in process. Unfortunately this also creates two different user profiles in Mixpanel.

Trying to launch on Monday and just realized I’m having this issue :grimacing: thanks for any help!

PS does anyone understand the difference / pros/cons between the bubble actions and cobubble plugin? I just realized that these actions seem to be nearly identical.

Thank you,


This is what I am wondering as well. This is quite fustrating! I want it to be when a user signs up from a phone, they can switch to a laptop and be able to log in. Right now, it doesn’t let them do that.