SEO and Sitemap - Plugin

SEO and Sitemap for single-page apps

This plugin allow you dynamically change page title, extremely important for one page app!

  • tag description and tag title - N1 for google SEO
  • canonical url

Under construction:

  • description for twitter,
  • sitemap generator
  • open graph tags
  • google tags for events, places datasets e t c
    and others features

Question from a SEO noob: How does this plugin work/affect in SEO?

you can find a lot of topics 2022 yers of it.
Meta Tags can affect the way that users see your site in the search results and whether or not they actually click through to your site.

how it affects exactly - is strictly classified. but , you can check - reaserch in google about tag description and tag title , here for example

How does this plugin help with canonical url? I don’t see where i can edit this

Are there any chances when plugin in used to make existing SEO “erased” by Google search engine, as if Google will get some kind of “alert” and will think is a “hack”, and therefore will determinate the existing SEO establishment?

With other words, if there is any risk of using this plugin, due to Google being very secretive of the SEO algorithms?


after adding plugin on a page , use the action Start SetTags

read carefully about the canonical URL in google SEO, seems u didn’t.
there is no hack of the system, this is just javascript, as the plugin is opensource you can see the code.
there is no chance to erase the SEO, but if u use javascript or the plugin to set the broken canonical URL - in google search users will get the broken URL in search results and then will visit this broken page of the canonical URL.
there is also another urls like alt languages, logost, microdata - as u can see on my where to go service

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Have read the Meta and Inline Tags that Google Understands | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google Developers

Not understanding where canonical URL information fit, nor I can find it here in the thread to read more, whereas one assumption is at your plug-in page, if that is the case, before that action have though to ask the question I asked. Thanks!

Has this plugin been removed from the plugin marketplace?

I can find it in the plugin search from my editor, but when I go to the ‘plugin page’ I am brought to the marketplace, not the plugin page, and on the marketplace, when I search the plugin by name it does not appear in search results.

If it is no longer available, is it possible to share the javascript code used?