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SEO Enabled Essential Blog - Boost Your Page Rankings

Do you want to help your application’s page ranking on google? Need that SEO boost from content? Don’t want to go through the hassles of linking up a 3rd party blog to your application? Don’t want to spend the extra monthly fees for a 3rd party blog?

If you do, then the SEO Enabled Essential Blog is the newest template you’ve been searching for.

The SEO Enabled Essential Blog has all the ingredients necessary to help boost your page ranking on Google and other search engines.

What is included to help?

  1. Blog Article Structured Data for Rich Snippets in search results ( )
  2. H1-H6 Tags that are picked up by SEO tools and google ( )
  3. Images with Alternative Text ( )
  4. Images with Captions ( )
  5. Clean URLs with Article Titles ( )
  6. Social Sharing for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Email ( )
  7. Meta Descriptions ( )
  8. Keywords, Word Count and Genres for Structured Data (note: word count is manually entered)
  9. Related Links on Page and Interlinking Blog Category Content ( )
  10. Outbound links capability through RTE ( )
  11. Also for structured data there is Publisher, Author and Dates Modified and more…

Besides all the SEO boosting capabilities, this essential component to any application looking for organic traffic and sticky compelling content, is meticulously designed for a sleek modern feel and look. Responsively designed to fit all devices for any layout.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.09.48 PM|434x500

Blog also comes with a search page for site viewers to easily check out “the latest” content across all categories or individual categories.

The site viewer can also navigate to see all of the articles on the site or for a particular category by clicking the ‘see all’ button.

To check out the template please follow this link

Besides all the features you get for SEO, UI and UX, there is an intuitive administration dashboard for the application owner. The dashboard allows you to easily add new articles, edit existing articles, easily manage articles through folders, filter by date and more.

Managing and editing your content is a breeze with the admin dashboard. You can filter by date range for an even more precise way of accessing your content.

The functionality for adding new articles or editing articles also allows for scheduled posting. You can back date your posts or set a future date to schedule your article posts for ease of use.

Please note, the admin dashboard is meant to be used by the application owner and has not been designed for responsiveness. The dashboard should be used on a desktop or laptop.

Other features of the blog include the ability for multiple authors. You can add new authors directly through the database interface.

Bonus features of this template include a modern header with full page side bar menu.

Page scrolling is stopped as well as a blurry overlay to obscure page content to focus the user on the side bar navigation menu.

For an example please check out this link

This template price is reflective of the power and value it brings to any application. Priced at $99. Template once purchased can easily be integrated to any existing application.

Please note, the template is currently under review and will be available soon.

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