SEO example: dynamic google structured data markup for blogs/etc

Hi @james.durham

I am using this too. I have a food site explaining how to cook vegetarian recipes - Your Veg Recipe, built on bubble. Since there is a Google Structured markup for a Recipe, I tried using that by adding a script in the page header. It took some time initially for Google to pick-up the schema and understand the content, but now I have over 200 Recipe cards for that recipe data. Some of those even rank on the first page for certain keywords. If you check out and open any Recipe and look for the html on that page, you will find the structured data.
On the page where you would like to add structured data, include the google recommended script in the correct format.

It is slightly difficult to format and enter the data currently in the editor, but doable. You can also test the page with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to verify.

If anyone need help with that, please let me know.