SEO for Dynamic Pages - Video Tutorial

Continuing to make a big SEO push with my job board app. Spent some time getting the setup of my dynamic pages up to par - might be of use for people trying to boost their own Google ranking!


Did you make the Heading text style an H1 ?

Have a look at this link to get you started on the Structured Data for Job Postings

This one is good too for more on structured data for jobs


Yep the heading text style has a H1 tag - defined in the style rather than on the page itself.

Thanks for the links on the Google Jobs stuff. Maybe it’s because I’m based in Ireland, but I’ve never seen special “google jobs” snippets show up when I search for positions?

Hey @garryjonhson317, sounds like you’re at quite an early stage of implementing an SEO strategy. It’s hard to give specific advice, but some things I’d consider:

  1. Find specific keywords to target. You can use Google Keyword Planner (free), Moz (free for 10 queries per month) or Ahrefrs (paid but excellent) to find keywords people are searching for with regards to “Professional Essay Writing”.

Judging from Keyword Planner, it looks as though both “essay writing service” and “essay writer” have high search volume and low competition. This is good!

It looks as though your homepage is already fairly well set up to capture searches for “essay writing service” so I would focus on lower search volume terms that are more specific. For example, “Academic Writing Services” has less volume, but also less likely competition.

Perhaps you could write a blog post outlining the factors to consider when hiring an Academic Writer. If you can do this for a few long-tail keywords, you may be able to rank for them.

At which point Google will see your site as more credible and may start to rank it for the higher volume search terms like “essay writing service”.

  1. Get backlinks. Getting people to link to your site is a massive part of SEO. I have no idea what essay writing forums/watering holes there are on the internet, but try and figure out where your audience hangs out and see if there are any publications that might be interested in your site. It’s an interesting product you’re working with so be creative! (this story might be some inspiration)

  2. Get some traffic to the site. Not sure how much traffic you’re getting at the moment but if you can get some more from social media pages or something, it’ll be a positive for Google. One idea might be to set up an Instagram page and have a “Writer of the week” profile or something.

Hope that’s of some help!

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Hey, I just stumbled upon this. Really helpful and specific insight on Dynamic page SEO.

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Thanks @veydeepk!