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SEO-HTML Element(or page type)

Hello all,

I was speaking with someone at bubble the other day and they said they were looking into making seo better, but that it was hard because of how much complexity we are allowed in bubble.

So I just had a thought. What if they supplied us with a single element (or page type) to allow us to paste in optimized code from somewhere else. (No, not the basic html element)

So as an example, let’s say it’s an element. Then you get a single element, that’s it. No database searches, nothing. It’s only for a SEO static landing page. When you drop it, it expands to the entire dimensions of your canvas. Then just like the html element, you put in all of your code (which would be generated from another site). Now I’ve never tested this, but I’m sure we can already do this with the basic html element, except that this SEO element would also override the traditional logic of bubble and it would know how to prerender the page, turn off any parts of the codebase it doesn’t need, and optimize things for SEO prior to the page being generated.

My thoughts on how to build the SEO compliant website would be through another app, but at least it would optimize things, best of both worlds until Emmanuel and Josh can redo their system for a SEO optimized page.

Thoughts? Terrible idea?

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