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SEO HTML Tags Altering Formatting

HTML tags H1 and H2 are causing text to indent on one of my Bubble apps, but when I go to another Bubble app OR change the HTML tag to H3 in the first app I have no issue.

If I understand correctly, HTML tags aren’t suppose to adjust the formatting - just the SEO. Can someone please confirm? I attached screenshots below. Thank you in advance. (Top image shows the indent, the bottom image shows the correct formatting).

To clarify, the first screen shot shows “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” with more margin on the left hand side. This is caused by the H1 and H2 tag.

The second works perfect - the margin is consistent for each group of text all the way down the page.

On the top screenshot you will see a section on the far right that says h1, h2 {margin-bottom: .25em, font weight: normal; text-align: center; }

I believe this is my issue. The question is, how do I edit this?

Inspect via debug mode. This time it says the tags are both “normal” and left justified.

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