SEO in Bubble as compare to WordPress?

How Bubble is good SEO wise, as compare to WordPress ?


Can anybody prove me wrong If I say WordPress is better than Bubble in the context of SEO?

WordPress is designed for on-page SEO. Its feature set enables you to build content sites.

Bubble is good for on-page SEO but not as good mostly because the page loads are a bit slower. I’d guess it’s 90% as effective for on-page SEO. That said, the much larger factor that determines whether a site is found in Google is its off-page SEO (namely, the number and quality of links and domains that point to your site).

Bubble is much better for enabling you to create richer customer experiences that extend the value of content or go way beyond content into full out applications. Bubble also enables you to create UGC (User Generated Content) sites which, when done well, drive significantly more traffic than standard content plays. As such, there are many use cases where Bubble is going to be much better for SEO than WordPress because its richer experiences drive more and better inbound links.

So, if you’re creating a simple content site or blog, WordPress probably makes the most sense. If you want an interactive site, social experiences, user generated content, or anything that’s more of an application then Bubble probably makes the most sense.


Lovely. That’s what I wanted to know. Thanks :pray:

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By the way I have content site, so I have decided to go with WordPress.


As a rule of thumbs:

  • Use static sites (HTML) for a website that is not changed often, e.g. landing pages

  • Use Wordpress, Kirby or tools like Webflow if you want to offer content in form of portfolio, blog and so on that does not require a front-end user interface

  • Use if you’d like to create an unique and interactive experience with a front-end area, such as social communities, project management tools and marketplaces. You can combine Bubble with a static site landing page as well.


Perfect :ok_hand:

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