SEO indexing error - page with redirect

I’ve got an error while indexing pages in the search console - somehow it’s because I have pages with redirect. Bubble Support says that it’s because Google looks for URL’s with HTTP while mine are HTTPS. I can see that in my search console all URL’s with HTTP failed and one with HTTPS is stil pending, but it’s pending since 18 November and it doesn’t seem to change any time soon. It might be important to mention that I didn’t submit a sitemap to my website yet (but is saw that Google looks for ‘visible pages’ and I’ve set it already in Bubble’s editor), and also my website is not published yet (but I’m already on a plan with my own domain). Please let me know what I should do because Bubble Support seems to have limited actions here. Thank you!

Check your sitemaps

Sorry, what do you mean by that? I’m new to Search Console and SEO in general. Btw I didn’t submit a sitemap yet but I saw that in this case Google just checks visible pages.

That might be the reason…if you live site doesn’t have any values populated and you are asking Google to index your live site, it can not because the live site doesn’t have any pages.

Okay, I’ll go live as fast as I can and we’ll see. Thank you.

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