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SEO. Page character limit & app page limit?

Hey guys,

I’m currently building a database of the best bloggers in London ( and have stumbled across the page name character limit of 25. This is really quite limiting if I want to target multiple longtail queries with the page URL and was wondering whether this could be extended? If not, is there a reason for the limit?

In addition is there a set limit to the amount of pages you can have on an app? I want to build individual pages for each blogger - which could mean that I would need 250+ different pages. Would Bubble let me do this?

Thanks in advance,


Why not having on page blogger profile and then send data to the page with a different blogger/thing.

Our url when we send things aren’t pretty nor SEO friendly yet, but that’ll come quite soon.

That’s I think a better option than having 250 pages, which possible in theory, but not scalable.


Thanks for the reply.

The aim is to get 250+ different pages with unique copy to be indexed by Google. I agree, with your suggestion I could make it functional but unfortunately it would not benefit the site SEO-wise (which is key for me).

Glad that there is no page limit though!

Any update on the character limit?

Kind regards,

when creating a new page there is a limit on the number of character of the page (don’t know why by the way)
but you can just rename the page (in the page setting panel and overcome the 25 character limit)


Great! Thank you for the tip!