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SEO - rank 1st position


I asked to the customer support if they can show me few examples of web app built on bubble rank in 1st position (or good position at least) on google.

They told me “This might be a good question for our forum”.

Here I am !

Forum, forum, tell me, tell me wich bubble web app is ranking in first position on google ?

Thank you !

Google search “the best way to build web app without code” whats first: build on bubble. what better example?


You’re right, thank you.

Any other example ?

There are so many factors that go into SEO that it might not be a good metric to judge Bubble by if not many of their users are doing all the things necessary to get their platform ranked in first position.

Is your concern that building an app on Bubble would limit your abilities to be ranked? If so, I don’t think Bubble has any inherent flaws that would cause a Bubble built app not rank well for the intended keywords.

What is your major concern that prompted the question?

Happy to share my experience in here.

We have a simple food blog built on bubble and we do rank in the top 3 positions for a variety of keywords on Google.

Here’s a link to our blog if you’d like to take a look:

Moreover, I have shared some of my experiences in the post when we were featured on Bubble App of the Day -

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Hi @boston85719

You’re right, I should ask you this in a better way “If I do all the things necessary to get my platform ranked in a good position, is Bubble enought good for this ?”

My major concern is two things :

  1. not that easy and understable to set up seo features on Bubble.
    2.the way the support client replied : “ask to the forum” = this is an alert for me : how can they have no reference to give ?

That why before to create hundred pages, I ask before.

Anyway, thank you @paritosh.mehta19 to share your experience.I’ve just found so many post of you on this forum and I had a look on your blog : it help me so much !

Next time, if I have other questions, do you mind if I ask you ?

Thank you

Bubble does provide a lot of SEO features, in fact, they provide pretty much all the on page SEO features needed to rank well.

I created a Blog template focused on all the on page SEO factors that help pages rank for blog content. It has a modern dashboard and versatile blog builder to help create each blog article to have a different look and feel.

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Sure. Feel free to reach out on the forum or via a DM.

Hey I’m creating a blog.
I want to make it dynamic but the problem is:
Sometimes you want 15 images in your blog and sometimes you don’t want any images at all.

How do I structure it?

My template allows for just that…completely dynamic blog posts; way better than most others that only allow for a single image at the top with a block of text below.

It is also all setup and ready to provide as much on page SEO benefits as possible.

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Hello, please check out this thread - creating a concentrated effort to solve the SEO issues on Bubble. Like and comment to show your support/interest of the community.