Separate Shopify Line Items

Hi all,

I am using Shopify to take orders for a digital membership product. I am designing the digital membership on Bubble.

I am using the Shopify Webhook to send the data to Bubble for each order created. However, my issue comes if someone purchases more than one item. E.g. 2 of the same SKU or 2 different SKUs. Basically when the data comes through, the multiple line items show up as a list in the one data line for that is created for that order.

However, I want to create a unique digital membership page based on a UUID or unique # for each Item purchased so ideally each line item will create a different data line, with a different unique ID.

How can I do this?

Maybe you can change the format by using the “format as a text” and then using data api to do the thing. We have done this while creating bulk items (product import from Shopify) which also returns a list.