Separate website for our apps

Do we need to build a separate website for our apps, or does Bubble also act as our website (please correct me if I’m wrong)? I tried to register with Google Search Console to improve my SEO, and it required me to upload a Google HTML file that google provided to my website. However, when I go to GoDaddy (my domain provider), I can’t find the web hosting option to upload the HTML file because I haven’t built a website with GoDaddy yet. It’s asking me to subscribe again to their website service.

You do not need a separate website…the app you build in Bubble is a webapp

so where can i upload the html file for google verification?


Inside of your Bubble app. You can search the forum and youtube and likely find a resource for how to implement Google Analytics, but I don’t think you are actually doing Google Analytics and instead are just needing to verify ownership of your domain name, which you could search google and godaddy for how to verify ownership of your domain name

done verification tru domain. thanks!

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