Sequential workflows after signup

When someone clicks “pay now”, I just want:

  1. Signup modal shown if the user isn’t logged in
  2. Then show stripe checkout after the user finishes checking out

Thought there should be a simple solution but can’t seem to find one…

Put a conditional onto the Button click action for if the user is not logged in and then show the popup… have a second with a conditonal for if they are logged in…if they are logged in do the Charge the user.

If they are not logged in and they see the popup signup, on the login button workflow put the charge the current user

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Thanks for the help! What if there are multiple ways to trigger the popup signup? e.g.

  1. I clicked “pay now”, so I saw the popup, and then when I sign up I should be prompted to pay
  2. I clicked “sign up” so I saw the popup, but after signing up I should not be prompted to pay

I think I’d need some way when the user clicks on the sign up button (inside sign up modal) to know that they are signing up because the user clicked on “pay now”

You would put conditionals onto the workflows of the sign up popup and you might use custom states for them. My assumption is you are using the signup popup Bubble has installed on all new apps…look at how they set up the popup to be used as a signup or a login and the use of custom states

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