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Serial Dates when using a POST

Question…We have built a number of API workflows. They all do they same thing…query for a list of records linked to the Current User. When we make POST calls the dates come back in serial format and when we do Get calls directly against the object the data is in a more usual date format

POST result 1634788800000
GET result 2021-09-21T04:00:00.000Z

I need to use POSTs for the workflow calls. Anyway to change the format?

To help understand the bigger picture. What are you targeting your GET/POST requests? at an API Workflow hosted on your site’s back end that is public? at the bubble data API? at some external API? Where are you making these requests from? API connector? using CURL or some other method?

From the sound of it, it seems like you are doing a GET to the data API and a POST to an API workflow on your back end. Not clear where these requests come from (less important)

thanks @jon2
I am just running them in PostMan at the moment. Plan to build them into a mobile app once it is working the way I need.

The GETs are against the data api and the POSTs are against the workflow API. They are set to public.

What is the full response received back in Postman when you make a POST to your API workflow? You should have total control over the response that is returned, no?

“status”: “success”,
“response”: {
“Status_Updates”: [
“Current_Status”: “Valid”,
“Employee_Num”: “1234”,
“Employer”: “1629684986485x255445195365548030”,
“Individual”: “1629684936881x464291355162584900”,
“Location”: “1631719566804x398056761122357250”,
“Location_Name”: “Demo Head Offfice”,
“Previous_Status”: “No Valid”,
“Valid_Until_Date”: 1638118800000,
“Created By”: “admin_user_assurify_test”,
“Created Date”: 1637536748131,
“Modified Date”: 1637536748181,
“_id”: “1637536748131x977242071411063400”

What does the api workflow look like? Are you posting to the data API or an API workflow you control?

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