Series points are dissappear in chart js

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: I need help with the chart js plugin. I use the scatter chart. I set data for adding a new series (when repeating group item added), in workflow. But when I triggered a dropdown for activate the series in scatter point is displayed. but when I refresh the page, points disappear. please help me

If you set the chart data via a workflow, is this workflow triggered on page load? Are you trying to have the latest update to the chart retained on a page load?

I would add a yes/no field to the user that is yes if they have activated the series in scatter point then on page load, execute a workflow that populates the chart based on the value of this user.

Thank you for your response! I will try your solution now.

There is a problem again. Because of the i tried to set data from repeating group, i can’t set it with anything other than a rep. group. It doesn’t work

Sharing a link to the editor would be helpful