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Serious issues with Bubble Support

Hi, I am an angry customer.

What is the official way to escalate serious issues with Bubble development and support to higher management after the support and dev team had failed to solve the issues/bug I have been facing?

The management has no idea what’s happening, and to improve the entire Bubble ecosystem there should be more awareness of all the issues I need to report to solve them.

I’ve been here for about 2 years. Various issues and bug reports… bubble has always been responsive , provided a high level of insight and progress updates. On many occasions the issue was of my own doing and bubble never held me to account for wasting their time. I would say for the fees I pay the services is actually exemplary.

What’s your problem, exactly? A lot of your posts here are REALLY obtuse. Are you sure you’re experiencing an issue?

(Actually, I get that you THINK you have some issue. But what’s your issue at the moment?)


For one thing you are a moderator and you’re insulting me in public by judging my posts as “obtuse”. Let’s start with that. Is that how you handle angry customers? “Impressive”.

It’s not an insult, but it is a judgement. I’m not Bubble. I’m a Bubble user. A fairly skilled one. I’ve seen many of your questions and (just my opinion, mind you) a lot of them are very strange and speak to a lack of understanding about Bubble (and making web stuff) in general.

Again, I’m going to ask, “What is the problem you’re experiencing?”

The reason I’m asking is that, when I’ve run across ACTUAL bugs or ACTUAL shortcomings in the Bubble platform, I’ve ALWAYS had my concerns answered satisfactorily. (Well, there’s one exception: The odd behavior of the API Connector with respect to returned array data. This leads to the phenomenon that I’ve dubbed, “The API Ghetto data type.” There’s not yet a good solution for this one. But this is a bit of an esoteric issue… though one that – if resolved – would greatly increase the utility of Bubble.)

But back to the matter at hand:

I have ALSO run across folks here who HAD in fact run across an actual issue/bug/shortcoming, but who were not able to adequately explain the issue to Bubble support. Simply put, they made no sense. But, at heart, the concerns they were trying to voice were in fact real issues. It just took some extra explaining to get action on the issue.

SO, what’s the problem you’re having?

When you judge people without a factual cause, it’s an insult. You said you’ve read my posts, if you really did read them you would know what are the technical problems I am facing and you will not be needing to ask me. One of them also was a documented YouTube video of the bug, which you can see for yourself if you have skimmed it.

However the problem now is beyond technical, it’s a matter of honesty. There needs to be clear statements about known bugs, and a clear time table to fix them. I am sure that most bubble users will not attempt to do complex web apps, such as the one I am doing and the likelihood of experiences similar bugs will be less. So my reports may seem odd, but they are valid because all of them were reproduce able by the support.

I agree with you, the price paid is very minor for the service especially if you compare to other no-code companies. But bear in mind that this is because Bubble is targeting individuals like us, and not corporate (like Outsystems etc.). If Bubble was priced as the B2B type companies, they would not be able to compete with them. But the value of Bubble in the individual market share that makes it affordable to us, which is highly respected to offer all this power.

I am not facing an issue with the response time (except for one time when there was an email client issue on their side), but with the way customers are handled. For one example, I was asked not to use nested groups to avoid the bug and to ignore all of the work I’ve done in the page and start on a new page with very minimal elements “otherwise the engineers will not proceed to solve my problem”. Is that really a proper response? If I had to test functionality on blank pages to make them work, then there is need to build anything for they will again not work if I made them more complex.

That said, I am all ears to best practices but testing buttons on blank pages is not one of them.

How about fixing the bugs because the community cannot do that.

I have found the community absolutely ace, top diddly do! with all the help and support i need and I am only a virgin 8 day old user

thanks so far to @keith @anon65040322 @andrewgassen @NigelG (we spoke on the phone last year to get some input on bubble) @neerja and the rest of the ace community

off now to build me an amazon! :slight_smile:


The Bubble team is small, so I guarantee you your bug report and support correspondence has been read by their “C-Suite” team (which may only be 2 people). I’m not sure how much more escalation is possible. I’m sorry you’re not happy with the level of support you’ve received, but it’s unrealistic to expect every single issue reported by every user is going to jump to the top of their backlog. If added transparency/visibility would be helpful, I’d love to hear some of your ideas to help on that front. The dev team has always been open to hearing that sort of feedback.

I’m obviously not part of your interactions with the Bubble team, but I would say it’s fairly standard operating procedure to deconstruct problematic components down to the barebones, then gradually add more and test until you find the root of the issue. That’s the first thing I do if someone comes to me with an issue, it’s the first thing I do if I have an issue myself, and it’s been the first I’ve been told to do when filing issues of my own.


If every time you report a bug you’re asked to test functionality on a blank page… it’s obviously a useless test. The devs had no clue why the bug happens so they redirect the issues back to the user to test on a blank page. And then when they finally admit there’s a known bug, they tell me they do not know when that will be fixed as there are no “clear time table to fix that”.

If as you say a huge code base like bubble depends on only 2 devs for critical decisions then this project isn’t going anywhere for big scale apps. It has done a great job for a bit more complex than wix web apps. There are bottlenecks in the project management of bubble unless they decide to speed up the progress.

Bubble community is great but the dev/support need more resources and faster management.

Sorry to disappoint you but building complex apps on bubble will lag in performance if they actually run smoothly.

me & @shot suggested workarounds for your issue, whats the problem? focus on some other part of your application for now. your salty attitude is unappreciated.

4 Likes I’ve spent the last decade working with Enterprise-level software systems and they all have bugs. A lot of which are logged as a “defect” with a mention that it’ll be corrected in a future release. Sometimes that fix gets pushed indefinitely, even with 100’s of companies paying $20k-60k+ in annual support fees. Not that this is what any us want when we encounter it, but more important, strategic issues make take priority.

As for Bubble, since becoming a Bubbler 3 years ago, I’ve submitted multiple issues and 99% of them are corrected in a timely manner, and most of those bugs were pushing the limits of the API connector/plugin.


Your experienced opinion is highly appreciated Keith. Just let me add this final remark… without acknowledging problems there is no going forward. For some cases I have witnessed the Bubble team has convinced the users that some things are part of “design concept” to the extent that the users really started believing that their workarounds are the proper way of doing things. Even after demonstrating the bug on video (which all takes effort, time and energy) they still do believe that component function misbehavior is part of the design. That’s how much normal users are getting more brainwashed while the dev team is buying more time ignoring the errors.

There is absolutely no benefit for me to keep writing all these observed details except that I totally wished this no-code project (which I consider one of the few who can make it) succeeds. But the push must come from the customer who can discern the difference between an acceptable error and unexpected one.

There needs to be more transparency about known bugs and fixing plan schedule, and also performance reports that show the users how Bubble is progressing in terms of scale ability and processing speed which I see as a hot topic flooding this forum already. Without transparency, problem acknowledgment, and organization what do you expect of the future? There is no clear roadmap.

Hey everyone… I think this is a really important topic, and what I hear from you is a lack of clarity about the way bugs are handled. I currently feel that too.

I have just posted an open letter to Bubble for clarification and to ask for the creation of a tiered support product…

I’ve felt some pain in reading the personal nature of some of the posts here, but maybe that just illustrates the importance of this topic.

Best wishes,

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My post and Antony’s post was just hidden as they were flagged by the moderators. This was just the ultimate proof of how things are run here.

I’m curious specifically what one or two of these issues are. I’ve read a lot of complaining without any specifics. Personally, I’ve had very few bugs, and received great support on the one or two I did have. Sometimes it just takes thinking of a different strategy on how to accomplish a specific task.

Why was @Codeables post flagged?

We have been a developer on Bubble for a month and the support service is shocking, am seriously thinking of dumping Bubble before we subject our clients to the new high fees and their terrible support service that just does not reply for days if at all.

I assumed you created a new forum account, welcome to Bubble!
Can you explain what you mean by ‘terrible support’? How can we help you?

Bubble is currently facing an avalanche of demands, which seems to be out of proportion to what Bubble has never had before imo.