Serious Limitation In Data Privacy Roles?

Hey Bubblers :wave:

I’m making a membership website where users can pay to access posts by joining member tiers. Each post has a list of tiers attached. Each tier has a list of current members. You need to be a part of this member list to see the post.

Problem is, it seems it is impossible to enforce this as a privacy rule, as data privacy conditions options are limited, you can’t select data fields beyond the first type, no search, not even a “is in” condition. :thinking:

As for a solution, I thought of making a list of members in each post, but this would be a list that would need to be updated every time a new member is added or removed on every single post This would take large amounts of server processing power or take very long in the user’s browser, risking that the workflow is not run successfully.

I can’t really find a good way to do this, any ideas?

Also pinging @Bubble because this seems to be a huge limitation, basically rendering my app unusable. Can’t think of why it would be limited like this, perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Would also be interested in hearing about some data privacy limitations you might have encountered and what you did to solve it. :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi Nigel,

I didn’t explain it fully in the op, but a post can have multiple tiers attached to it. And users can join multiple tiers. As each user can create his own membership tiers if he chooses.

How would you do it with a new data type as the link? I thought about making a list of posts in the user type and update that info on page load (on certain pages), not the prettiest solution.

Also, how hard is it really for someone to “hack” database data without privacy roles?