Server and speed

Hi everyone,

I was wondering why is so slow. It was created by Zeroqode and im trying to figure out if its slow because of the bubble plan they have subscribe to or its a limitation from building with bubble.



That is painfully slow. Definitely curious myself

Me too. I am looking to build something with a similar structure but its scary if it ends up that slow

Loaded really fast for me on my Galaxy Note 10+ using Chrome. I’m on a gigabit wifi network in my house, but it loaded right up.

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I used chrome on a huwaei it took +30 secs to load a page

Hey @ramon.sicre!

Vlad from Zeroqode here - I’m one of the folks in charge of Budsfeed development.

I was really concerned with what you said about 30+ seconds load time and went to immediately check it out.

Here’re the results:

While this for sure could be faster, I’m not sure how we got from this to 30+ seconds :scream:

I actually ran another test via Pingdom and got similar figures:

Not mind blowing (just 78 out of a 100), but that’s still a below 3 seconds load speed at most times.

Maybe your 30+ seconds are because you’re calculated that when the full 100% of the page was loaded entirely?

Thing is that this landing page has multiple dynamic lists (repeating groups) that are obviously fetching data from the database, hence while the page is loaded up decently fast, it still may carry on loading in the background to get all of the page dynamic contents (that in theory may continue loading while you scroll for around 30 seconds, too).

That’s just the specific of “Producthunt” style pages - if you got significant subsets of dynamic content on your landing page - it’s probably not going to be the fastest in the world (take most “feed” type websites - Facebook, linkedin, etc. - they all need a bit of time to load the content).

While we definitely keep working on the speed (e.g. we’re obviously having too much image megabytes), It’s probably not 30+ seconds :sweat_smile:

Happy to get back to you a bit later to report more of our findings and results in making even faster :sunglasses: