Server location benefits

My users are all based in Singapore and since the Bubble servers are all located in the US, there is some latency which causes app slowness. Im considering either upgrading to a dedicated plan so I can locate the server locally, or to shift the database to Xano.

What could I expect the differences to be speed-wise comparing Bubble US server (200ms) vs Bubble Dedicated (Singapore server) vs Xano (Singapore Server)?

Also, anyone know what the costs would be like to do a Bubble dedicated plan? I probably can live with the professional plan level of features and capacity but mainly want to locate the server closer to my users.

I’m based in Singapore and all my users are too. I haven’t noticed any latency in my ERP that isn’t out of the ordinary for a personal plan.

Out of curiosity, what kind of app do you have running and what kind of latency are you experiencing?

I would put money on quite a lot of your ‘latency’ is because of your app structure, not server latency.

Fix that first. Then look at dedicated/external.

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