Server Side Action Error - NPM Font Package @ Symbol

I’m getting the following error when i try to require a roboto font npm package.

The error happens when i try to run the very simple code below.

For reference: scope | npm Docs

Any suggestions?

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Well beyond my abilities. Why does an SSA need a font ?

Hi @techspot,
May I know what you are going archive from this? Initially font will works on browsers based. For example If you are converting html to pdf, you can use font to change stye of html font-face to get pdf /image (pdfmake) it works.

I think from the server side of processing with plain text and change faceface will not work when returning plaintext. If you rendering in client-side it will changed based on client-end fontface

For anyone else who encounters this issue, I ended up publishing my own npm package without the .css files and it works now.

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