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Server-side searches using case insensitive

Hello everyone, I hope you are well.

Even after a few years since the first posts about searches trying to use case insensitive, such as lowercase in both directions of a “contains” comparison, there is still no native way to make comparisons directly in searches on the server side, only on the server side. of the customer using advanced filters?

How do you handle it? Specific plugins? Additional fields to store search data already in the desired format (uppercase, lowercase)? Store multiple data that will be used for search in the same field? Any suggestion?

NOTE: I know that plugins with the same principle as “Search & Autocorrect” can help for small lists, but they perform this search on the client side, as if it were a type of advanced filter, and may crash if the amount of data is too large, so I’m looking for a way to do this directly on the server.

Thanks for any help.

One app I have is very search-dependent, so what I ended up doing was storing an all lowercase version of the regular case, then when the user searches I take the Input's value:lowercase and only search the lowercase field. But everywhere on screen I show the regular case field.

But this doesn’t make up for the fact that the search strict-ness is still kind of annoying, like there isn’t a native fuzzy search where the user can mispell a little bit.

For that @zelus_pudding 's plugin/service would be a good idea. 🔍 Introducing Scious Search: solve instant search once and for all


Creator of Scious Search here - @Lumyna, if you want to chat through your use case, there may actually be a solution that doesn’t require a 3rd party plugin like ours.

That said, while our plugin doesn’t currently have a server side search component, if our general approach is compelling enough to you (we are not WU intensive like Search & Autocorrect) / you wanted me to / it makes sense, I could add that server side capability in an afternoon (since it would be mostly copy / paste of the front end component). Just give me the word. Cheers!


For now I’m working on small lists, so filtering on the client side, using advanced filters that allow this fuzzy search, still doesn’t affect the user experience much. But in the future I may need to work with larger lists that, even using specific filters on the server, still return a considerable number of entries. So I’ll keep these service options in mind.

Anyway, thanks for the explanations and suggestions @tylerboodman and @zelus_pudding .