Serverwide Electronic Industry's CAD/MDT's Setup Steps

Hey! This topic is just for those who have purchased any of the following CAD/MDT’s off the bubble marketplace and need the setup steps to help:

Scorpion CAD
Windows CAD

Setup Steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign In
  3. Click “NEW APP”
  4. Choose whichever name you want
  5. Then select the template you wish to use
  6. Once the editor loads, Click “Development” at the top right
  7. Then click “Deployment and Version Control”
  8. Click “Deploy Development To Live”
  9. Type “V1.0” as the description
  10. Click “DEPLOY”
  11. Go to “Data” on the left
  12. Then click “App Data” at the top
  13. Then click “Switch To Live” in the red on the right
  14. Find and click “All cad-infos”
  15. Click “New Entry”
  16. Click “Create” (Don’t change anything)
  17. Find and click “All Departmentss”
  18. Click “New Entry”
  19. Click “Create” (Don’t change anything)
  20. Find and click “All patrol-infos”
  21. Click “New Entry”
  22. Click “Create” (Don’t change anything)
  23. Find and click “All Statuss”
  24. Click “New Entry”
  25. Click “Create” (Don’t change anything)
  26. Click “Development” at the top right
  27. Then click “Deployment and Version Control”
  28. Click “Deploy Development To Live”
  29. Type “V1.0” as the description
  30. Click “DEPLOY”
  31. Click “Preview” at the top right
  32. Shorten the debug part off of the link (e.g. =
  33. Click “Request Access” or “Signup”
  34. Fill out all required information (Leave Access Password blank)
  35. Click “Next”
  36. Click all department logos
  37. Click “Request Access” or “Signup”
  38. Go back to the editor
  39. Click “Deployment and Version Control”
  40. Click “Live”
  41. Go to “Data” on the left
  42. Then click “App Data” at the top
  43. Then click “Switch To Live” in the red on the right
  44. Find and click “All Users”
  45. Click the edit pencil on your account to the left of “Run As”
  46. Change all dropdowns to “true”
  47. Change “IsOnDuty” to “false”
  48. Change “IsTempAccount” to “false”
  49. Change “IsBanned” to “false”
  50. Go back to the shortened “Preview” link
  51. Refresh and if needed, Sign In
  52. Once on the home page, go to “Admin Panel”
  53. Click “Sub Divisions”
  54. Create a new Sub Division with name “Tow” and leave abbreviation blank
  55. Create a new Sub Division with name “Medical Examiner” and leave abbreviation blank

For more support or if you want to see the rest of our products/services, please feel free to join our Discord

To all those even considering using this method, please keep in mind that this is the company that has purely profited off other people’s work. Do not give them the pride of a sale or even the interaction of staff. All their products are stolen from Modern Solutions.

Just to clarify, you yourself tried selling me something. But we no longer have any Coderly CAD/MDTs or Modern Solution CAD/MDTs. The only products we have were either built by us or provided by TMM Tech which we have reseller rights with.

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I can agree to some extent. Unlike you I have stopped feeding off other people’s work and have decided to make my own. Don’t pull the innocent card due to the fact you have been called out. You still sell stolen products and that’s that.

False - You still sell the the Xenon CAD, which was made by ME, and you have no authorization to sell :heart:


Please name the stolen products we sell? I will admit, at one point, we did. The only stolen product we have ever sold was our Classic CAD which is the Onyx CAD. We then made different models of it. We made 3 more models (Ion CAD, Galaxy CAD, Eclipse CAD) and then we decided to stop the distribution all of the 4 (Classic CAD, Ion CAD, Galaxy CAD, Eclipse CAD) and moved on to our own straight from scratch or to partner with other companies (TMM Tech) and become an approved reseller with them. So please, let me know which CAD/MDTs I sell that are “stolen”. Plus I was told to make this topic by a admin just to show the setup steps. No comments or anything were supposed to be here. And if you couldn’t already tell, by the time people are viewing this, they are viewing it because they have already bought something and need help setting it up. So telling them not to give us business is a little late.

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I would, but I’m banned.

Alright then. So you can’t make those conclusions without even having any type of prof that is up to date.

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Drake literally just showed you. Als you’re on the Modern Solutions blacklist, so they have obviously have proof against you.

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We are on all blacklists accept TMM Tech. All CAD/MDT companies blacklist each other for most often no reason as they are competition. And the Xenon CAD was a donation along with the Revelation CAD which I was not aware was stolen.

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The only reason there is that blacklist is due to the people who have stolen Onyx Edition CAD systems, you being one of them.

But as I said, we no longer sell that one.

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But now you are aware it was stolen, yet still sell it :man_shrugging: